7 Facts About VoIP Termination That Will Blow Your Mind

VoIP termination has become a wildfire in telecommunication field. Almost all the major, as well as minor, businesses are applying and using VoIP terminations as an integral part for mundane communication. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is not winning the crowd as per its popularity. But, there are several salient features it offers to anyone who choose to accept it. Here are seven such features or let’s just call them facts, that’ll allow you to think it over and take the right decision in  choosing a VoIP service provider.  Telefone Media by far, provides complete telecom solutions as per customer’s needs.


It goes without saying that the technology used in VoIP based network is latest in the line and hence very trendy owing to its popularity. Almost used by all the business and household telephony for a seamlessly faster communication, it requires an ‘always active’ internet connection to function.


Video, voice and data. All can be transmitted through VoIP network in a fast and secure manner. Many international companies and business ventures relies on SIP based phones that enables VoIP to work across different terminations. It’s fast, reliable and easy to install. Telefone media helps you through all the process step by step.


VoIP is extremely affordable. It is not at all costly like ordinary PSTN networks. That means, VoIP is highly cost-efficient which saves you the trouble of getting multiple PSTN networks and instead, combine them all into one SIP based line.


Have you heard? VoIP’s best fun-fact is that it does not require any hardware to function. Well, only a minimal. But there are absolutely no wires needed. VoIP is wire-free in every context and all it requires is a SIP trunk phone to connect through different terminations. It saves a lot of money on installation, service and maintenance cost.


Telefone Media services are scalable to unlimited extent. Meaning, that it can be modified according to customers and business needs. You can add as many terminations as possible and reduce, if it is not required, to save lots of bucks. Scalability comes in handy for flexible business or ventures.


VoIP is portable enough to move not just from one room to the other, but from one location to another. It is very suitable for business which are dynamic in nature and needs constant shift from one place to another. All you need is an active internet connection and it can follow you wherever you go. Even, during the time of disaster, VoIP can serve its purpose from a different location with same essential features.

Value Added Services

Free value added services can be provided through VoIP which includes different options from live chats to TV quizzes. VoIP can serve them all for a higher profit.


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