1. What is soft switch?

It is software-based device in a telecommunications network which provides managing of voice, fax, data and video traffic, routing of a call within the network, and can process the signaling for all types of packet protocols. VoIP Softswitches are subdivided into two classes — class 4 and class 5 softswitches.

2. What is class5 soft switch?

Class 5 VoIP softswitch is the kind of VoIP software which is intended for companies providing services for end users.It is designed to work with residential and business clients. Class 5 softswitch is characterized by suchservices as calling features, IP PBX features, authorization types, etc.

3. What is VoIP billing?

It is VoIP solution which collects, calculates and shows information about telephone calls and other services and generates invoices for the customers. Also it offers complete calls statistics, connection quality reports, financial reports and other vital information. VoIP billing is complete financial accounting solution for VoIP carriers.

4. What is codec?

Cosec is a compression and decompression algorithm which allows to constrict bandwidth by speech delivery. G.723 and G.729 are mostly used in VoIP nowadays.

5. Do we offer ERP in our billing solution?

Yes, Enterprise resource planning is available in our VoIP software solution which integrates internal and external management information. It is designed to automate business processes and allows one to generate online reports which help to view current information about VoIP company.

6. Which payment method do you accept?

Available payment methods for the moment is Bank Transfer. Since some payment methods are not available in every country and every currency.

7. How fast will my payment be processed?

Bank Transfers might take up to 3-4 working days depending on your bank & region. As soon as we receive your payment, it is processed automatically and your account will be credited instantly.

8. Can I choose different module that I need?

Yes, You can choose from a long list of modules according to your needs.

9. Is there any restriction on the number of calls that can this billing solution can handle?

No, there is no such restriction that actually depends upon the server that you are using (in case of Self hosted).

But, in cloud hosting, the number of calls that can be handled by the billing solution depends upon the plan that you choose. Different plans have different call accepting capabilities.

10. Will I get the manual along with  the TM VoIP billing solution?

Yes you will be provided with all the User manuals along with the solution. These manuals will guide you in better understanding of the solution.

11. Will I be able to add rates for my clients?

Yes, you can add rates for your clients.

12. Can my clients also add the rates for their customers?

Except standard cloud hosting and self-hosted server without billing, your clients can add the rates for their customers.

13. Can I a get dedicated server from you?

Yes, we offered shared and dedicated servers both.

14. What ports need to be open on the system?

Required Ports are as follows:
Sip Ports: 5060 to 5090 UDP Port
Connection Ports : 21, 22, 80, 8080, 1433, 1434
Mediaports: 8000-65565

15. Which codecs are supported by TM soft switch?

The following codecs G711, G723, G729 are supported by TM Softswitch.

16. What features will I get from TM billing solutions?

  • Accounts Management

    • Admin

      • Can Manage entire System
      • Able to manage multiple admins and subadmins
    • Reseller

      • Multi-layer reseller support (Unlimited)
      • Own customer management
      • Rates Management
      • Invoice Management
      • Reports
    • Customer

      • Customer portal

    • Invoice & Billing

      • Invoice & Receipt management
      • Can configure his own company name & address which will be included in invoice pdf
      • Personalize invoicing information for reseller
      • Send email upon invoice generation
      • Configurable invoice date for each customer

    • Rates or Tariff Confguration

      • Manage rates with ease
      • Configure own rate group and assign to customers / resellers (For admin and resellers only)
      • Allow rate group based subscription

    • DID Management

      • Handle incoming calls with various options
      • DID purchase/release option
      • DID allocation option for admin/reseller
      • Multiple types of routing types
      • Multiple types of services

    • Reports

      • Call detail reports
      • Summary reports (display usage of prefix, ACD, MCD, profit, Billable seconds)
      • Trunk Stats
      • Live Call Reports
      • Reports on the basis of time of the day
      • Payment Report
      • Export to csv

    • Configuration

17. Is there any limitation of using billing solutions? 

Nope. There is no limitation of using it. You can use it anywhere.

18. Which OS are preferable for TMBS?

It is strongly recommended that TMBS be deployed on the Linux distribution CentOS version 6.x

20. What is the minimum hardware requirement? 

CentOS 6.x and 4GB RAM (8 or 16gb is highly recommended for better performance), 40gb Hard Drive, We recommend to use high configuration hardware to get better performance.

19. How many concurrent  calls TMBS can handle?

That purely depends on hardware which you will use. More Hardware resource can give more concurrent calls.

21. Does TBMS work on Virtual servers?

Yeah, It can work on Virtual servers.

22. Do you offer support?

Yeah we do offer installation, configuration, on demand support, recurring support & custom development. You can check our pricing from For custom development, you can drop an email to us at sales@telefonemedia.com.

23. What database are supported in TBMS?

It supports only MySQL

24. Does TBMS support Multi-language?

Yes, we have our TMBS in five different languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian.