It's quick, easy & better

Numerous methods are introduced by us for settling our clients’ bills from which they can choose the one that suits them the best. While documenting the bills, the payment settings customized by the clients and the payment method chose by them are considered. We let our clients check their billing status online. An electronically generated mail containing the invoices are sent to them as acknowledgement. This payment process is remarkably reliable, fast, and secured.


New customers are equipped with total control over their account settings once they get registered with us. This allows them to add, alter, and erase their source IP addresses as well as alter the SIP account information. They can view and download online CDRs, for a specific period of time, in a CSV file. Itemized invoices can also be viewed and downloaded in a PDF record. Our routing plans are suitable for medium-sized VoIP providers, VoIP affiliates and corporate clients..