VoIP Billing System & Solutions

Telefone Media is a worldwide supplier of telecom services.

Our rapid framework, custom call end arrangements and organizations with top level systems give our clients access to a worldwide library of universal and domestic premium rate numbers, content services, wholesale routes, soft switch and VOIP billing system.

We work with numerous clients situated in all corners of the globe. In light of Hong-Kong, our delegates are spread all through the landmasses – Europe, Asia and Africa with 200+ destinations worldwide to offer you the best.

Our VOIP billing solutions would enable you to :

  1. Add or edit customer accounts
  2. Add or edit supplier accounts
  3. Add numbers
  4. Create billing groups
  5. Set global rates
  6. Set specific customer rates
  7. View live calls
  8. Generate credit reports & invoices
  9. Set system rules
  10. Add your own IVRs and audio
  11. Allocate numbers to customers
  12. Create user, reseller or agent accounts

For more information reach us at care @telefonemedia.com or connect with us through (links) :  FB, twitter, Google+

We also provide 24X7 support on skype : telefonemedia


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